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EMBOSS explorer EMBOSS explorer is a web-interface for the EMBOSS suite of programs. It provides a simple and easy to use interface, which is also easy to install.

Package details

  • Format: Gzipped Tar Archive
  • Version:  2.2.0
  • Author: Luke McCarthy
  • Website and Download: http://embossgui.sourceforge.net/
  • Requirements: EMBOSS and a web-server
  • FAQ:


  1. Download the emboss-explorer-2.2.0.tar.gz from the above website.
  2. Uncompress it to a temporary directory
    cd temp
    tar zxvf /data/emboss-explorer-2.2.0.tar.gz
  3. Install by running the install script. The script checks for a number of PERL modules required for installation
    cd emboss-explorer
  4. Where was EMBOSS installed?
    If EMBOSS is installed at /usr/local, then accept the default for the following prompt. This is the case if EMBOSS is configured just without any prefix option. Otherwise specify the location where it is installed [ex: /opt]
  5. Where should the EMBOSS Explorer HTML files be installed? 
    OpenSuse: /srv/www/htdocs/emboss and for Ubuntu/Fedora: /var/www/emboss can be specified

  6. What is the URL prefix corresponding to the HTML directory above?

    Accept default (Enter)

  7. Where should the EMBOSS Explorer CGI script be installed?

    OpenSuse: /srv/www/cgi-bin/emboss and for Ubuntu/Fedora: /var/www/cgi-bin/emboss

  8. What is the complete URL corresponding to the CGI script '/srv/www/cgi-bin/emboss'?
  9. Launch http://localhost/emboss in a web-browser
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