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Installation of Programs from Source Code (UNIX/Linux)

The source code of most Open Source software for UNIX/Linux is often distributed in the form of tar archives in a compressed format (gz or bz2). The following steps can be used to compile and install software from source code.

Note: These are generic installation instructions and may need to be adapted for certain programs.

  1. Uncompress the archive
    • If the archive is a tar.gz one, the command is
      tar zxvf program.tar.gz 
    • If the archive is tar.bz2, the corresponding command would be
      tar jxvf program.tar.bz2

  2. Configure the program and create Makefile
    cd program
  3. Compile the program
  4. Install the program
    make install

    Note: This step will require administrative(root) privileges

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