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Welcome to the wiki. The wiki is an effort to provide step-by-step instructions on installation and configuration of software associated with Bioinformatics/Biological sciences research.The software discussed will belong to the category of Open Source, Public-domain or Academic programs. The Operating sytems under consideration will be Linux/UNIX and MS Windows where applicable.


What's the need?

Though the installation instructions are available at the vendor/program websites or manuals, it becomes difficult for a novice administrator or a new user to install software under these platforms.This will be best done as a wiki because users can contribute their experience during installation or provide instructions for other platforms/distributions.

How to contribute?

The primary platform(OS) of consideration of the wiki is Linux, though instructions for other OS's are provided when available. You can contribute by providing installation instructions for other Operating systems or even other Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora etc.,


List of Software
Multipurpose packages Web-interfaces
Bibliography Management Dotplot
  • Bibus
Sequence Alignment Alignment Editors
Phylogeny Tree drawing
Gene Finding Primer Designing
Molecular Visualization Secondary Structure Prediction
  • DSSP
  • PHD
  • Jpred
  • PsiPred
Tertiary Structure Prediction & Modelling Molecular Structure Quality
  • Procheck
  • Whatcheck
  • Prosa II
Molecular Docking  Population genetics


InstallFromRPM - How to install RPM packages
InstallFromDeb - How to install Debian packages
InstallUsingYaST - Install using SuSE YaST
InstallFromSource - Compile and Install programs from Source Code


Useful resources for installing software

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